Children's Ministry Training

Carey Baptist College currently offer the best CM training in NZ. The CM Block Course is being held Aug.31 - Sept.4, with Tammy Tolman and Annette Osborne.              

News and trending topics:

Being Intentionally Intergenerational

Now is a great time to be having conversations about ways your church can become more intentionally intergenerational. We have published some articles that can help facilitate these conversations. Read more

CM lessons that help develop emotional resilence

Raewyn Moodie

These lessons give children space for the gift of reflection. Some children may be finding it difficult to assimilate back into school, others are excited to see their friends again. Some have enjoyed being at home during lockdown, others will have found life very difficult through this time. We have all been in the same storm but we have been riding in very different boats. This counselling exercise helps children process their thoughts and develop resilience. Download here

Faith Formation Posters - for church and home

We have updated our Faith Formation in Children poster and added a series of three posters that can be printed and laminated for parents. These posters are available as digital downloads for your church's use only. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the link to our @homeandchurch website. 

COVID-19 Emerging Generations Report

McCrindle Research

Explore their latest research into how COVID-19 is affecting the emerging generations. You can read and download the report from their website - link here.

By Christian Reformed Church - Faith Formation Ministries

“Children learn through observation, but they learn best through participation. We take them to church so that being part of a church family and gathering regularly to worship God in community.... Read More.

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This new book by well known speaker and counsellor Richard Black, gives children tools for developing emotional resilience. He has provided resourcing for churches and families HERE
Carey Baptist College, Semester 2
Lecturers: Tammy Tolman & Annette Osborne

This course is available as PD for both credit and audit and is the best CM training available in NZ.  Register HERE

Children's Ministry Training

Three great CFM resources

Blessings pictures and bookmarks for children

Faith Formation chart for churches

Set of three Faith Formation posters for parents

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