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Excellence in 
Children's Ministry

Ministry Spark - Resources for Leaders

The Ministry Spark website has guides and articles to help support Children's Ministry Leaders, including A Comprehensive Guide to Leading Your Volunteers Now. See here.

Church and Home 

Parenting For Faith Courses

The Parenting For Faith course is a free, video-based resource which equips parents and carers to raise God-connected children and teens. See here.

Intergenerational Community

Book: Engage All Generations

This book, edited by Cory Seibel, is a great read for anyone exploring what it means to be an intergenerational faith community. Includes contributions from the presenters at the 2019 Intergenerate U.S. conference.


See the Strandz website for ideas and ways your church can acknowledge the Maori New Year. Click here for a booklet from the Maori Language Commission. 


Engaging Households in Prayer

Introducing the Prayer Pad from mainly ministries:
The prayer pad has been designed as a central point for the recording of prayer needs. Great for use in households. 
Click here.

Training and Professional Development 2021

Whaiwhia te kete mātauranga.

Fill the basket of knowledge.

What are you adding to your kete this year?

There are some awesome opportunities from Carey Baptist College, CBM, Godly Play and some great online conferences.

Check these out on our Training Page. 

Godly Play NZ is offering core training in Auckland, in September and October, over 3 Saturdays. They are offering a 15% discount. For more information see our Training and Events Page, here.

Three great CFM resources

Blessings pictures and bookmarks for children

Faith Formation chart for churches

Set of three Faith Formation posters for parents