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Halloween Alternatives

Read this article from Raewyn Moodie and Carolyn Kestle about Light Parties and Halloween Alternatives, 2022.

Baptist Light Party Facebook Group - Find out what others
are up to!

Alternative Halloween Activities (Kids Friendly NZ)
This is a great resource with stories from different churches who have run them. Games, ideas and great tips.

Light Party

A Light Party® is a family oriented event that provides fun and values in a safe environment on October 31. It's suitable for churches, schools and other community groups. The Light Party website has heaps of resources available.

Pinterest Ideas - Alternatives to Halloween

Redeeming Halloween: How should Christian's approach it? (Luke Gilkerson)

Halloween and the Church FAQs (Scripture Union UK)

Pumpkin Heroes - Pumpkin Heroes is a free pack of Christian resources all designed to help children aged 4-10 in your church, school and family enjoy alternative Halloween activities.


Light parties gaining popularity as people look to alternatives for Halloween - Stuff

Light Party, a family friendly alternative - Stuff

Church holds Light Party to replace Halloween - Stuff

Free Light Party an alternative to Halloween - Stuff

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