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Stepping Stones Preschool Curriculum

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Each theme includes lessons and take home pages in both publisher and pdf formats.

Please contact Elke Keeling on to get the curriculum for your church.

This is a two year preschool curriculum written for a Baptist church during 2011-2012. The writer, Cindy, is a qualified Christian school teacher and the publisher, Elke, has had many years of Children’s Ministry experience as well as a theological degree.
Many church leaders have requested a preschool curriculum written in New Zealand and we therefore offer this package to our new Zealand churches with full permission from the original church.

This curriculum package is FREE and therefore not for sale. We only charge for direct publishing costs and paper and postage, if required. The curriculum is available in digital format for you to adapt to your local context and add your logo or edit the lessons.



The curriculum is published through “Connecting the Dots” Creative Programming and can only be used for your local context. You will be supplied with digital files that you are able to adapt and change.
Each lesson contains:

  • Teaching scripts and small group discussion

  • Craft activities and colouring pages

  • Take Home sheets

  • Music is of your own choice


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