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Story in an egg is a simple, fun resource, designed to help children know and understand the true story of Easter. The egg comes apart to reveal five story strips. Each strip tells a different part of the story – the last meal together, Jesus betrayal, the crucifixion, the empty tomb and the risen Jesus. One side of the strip has the image and the other side has the written story. 


Once the egg has been ‘broken’ the children read the story strips then inter-loop each strip to form a chain. Each story adds another link to the chain. Story in an egg can be done over five days, or all at once. The Story in an egg chain can then be hung in a prominent place.


On Easter Sunday morning the chain can be broken apart to symbolise the fact that Jesus death and resurrection broke the power of sin. Jesus rose again, and through him we get the chance to live forever with God.


Please note: Some assembly required

In order for us to keep our price as low as possible, we will supply the Story in an egg eggs as separate components. Your package will contain the eggs and flat-packed story strips. You and your team will be required to assemble each egg. You are then able to add something else to the egg if you wish eg. small chocolate. 


Product information

Egg size: 90mm x 65mm

Each egg can be separated into 4 pieces.

Story strips: 210mm x 50mm

Story strip double sided: Illustrations on one side and written story on the other.

Sold out

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