Welcome to the Back to School Blessing Kete.


The NZ Children’s Ministry Network has sourced ideas and resources below that you can use to bless and support your church’s children as they go back to school. There is a poster that you can print and an awesome video you can share with your Small Group Leaders, as well as ideas for a Backpack Blessing in a church service. We pray that you will have fun deciding what to do to support and encourage your children. 


Please let us know how you have used these resources and any other ideas you think we could include for next year. Our aim is to support NZ churches in their ministry with children and families. 

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What is a Backpack Blessing?

Free download

Backpack Blessing prayer

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Use these for social media
Countdown cards

Backpack cards
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Prayer PowerPoint slide

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Video of Backpack blessing from 
Wilshire Baptist Church