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“What happens in the home is more important and influential than what happens at church when it comes to faith formation and behaviour. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize we spend way more time at home than we do at church.”

Mark Holmen, Church + Home

The family is the most powerful influence in the faith formation of children and teenagers. Parents are the first educators of their children and provide the foundation for spiritual life. The home, therefore, is the primary place where faith is nurtured.  

We know that parents want the best for their children, but parenting them can be a complex and often confusing task. This is where the church can partner with parents by walking alongside them. It’s about preparing children to face the realities of life and to eventually be able to handle them without parental guidance. In this challenging and face paced world, churches need to provide families with support and empowerment.

So, how can we empower families to pass on a saving, transforming, life-changing relationship with Jesus to their children and to the next generation? A number of our churches have begun doing this by utilising the concepts in Mark Holmen’s book, Take it Home.  This book outlines sessions where parents and children are trained and encouraged together. These churches have found it a great way for the church and the home to partner together in the journey of discipleship.

What is Faith@Home


In conjunction with four New Zealand churches, we have developed a resource that uses the Take it Home model from Mark Holmen’s book and contextualises it for NZ churches.

What does it look like

The resource consists of a manual and online session outlines.

1. The manual covers: what is a Faith@Home session; an overview of how to run the sessions; topic outlines and purpose.

2. Online sessions: Download 20 F@H sessions; a template for changing them to fit your context; extra resources for the sessions.

Where do I get it?

Click here to go to our faith@home Resources Page, where you can download a copy of our Faith at Home manual and see the F@H session outlines and supporting resources. 

Faith at Home Stories and Ideas

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