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Integrated Strategy for Faith Formation

E kore e taea e te whenu kotahi, 
Ki te raranga i te whariki,
kia mohio tatou kia tatou, 
Ma te mahi o nga whenu,
Ma te mahi tahi o nga kairaranga, 
ka oti tenei whariki I te otianga.


The tapestry of understanding

cannot be woven by on strand alone.

Only by the working together of strands And the working together of weavers

Will such a tapestry be completed.

We love to imagine new and fresh ways of working.......


Imagine what faith formation would look like if we had an integrated strategy from birth to death.

Imagine if all ministry areas were working together with the same end in mind - to see life-long followers of Christ.

Now, imagine what that could look like in your church.  

Who would you need to partner with and what might you need to change?


Be inspired by the articles and links below to imagine ways that you could integrate your strategy for faith formation.

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The concepts and principles which guide The reThink Group (aka ‘Orange’) are best described as a colour—orange. Orange represents the idea that two forces working together will have exponentially more influence than either entity alone. For us, that means parents and church leaders working together to make a difference in the lives of children so that we can do more together than we do alone. It also means ministries working together iwth the same end in mind.

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The reThink Group encourages churches to rethink the way they minister to families. They help people reconsider why they do what they do and how they do it—partnering with churches as they partner with parents. They will help you revolutionise the way you teach students, children and their parents through innovative Internet-driven curriculum and companion resources for the church and home.

Orange provides a wide range of books and dvds. Most of these resources we have available in our Resource Library. Contact us to get hold of them.

In this creative and inspiring video clip Reggie Joiner talks about what we want our children, teens and adults to know about God and about the life he wants for us.

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