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Easter@Home Downloadable Booklet

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Easter Stations of the Cross


Easter@Home contains a variety of activities families can enjoy together in the home.  The READ, DO, TALK structure of activities allows parents to combine scripture with fun, stimulating easy, comfortable faith conversations.  This product can be purchased here.

Intergenerational Easter Services

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Under the Olive Tree - conversations about Easter:

Our friends at Scripture Union have once again produced some all-age service outlines. You can check these out here. 

The Stations of the Cross are usually observed during Lent, especially on Lenten Fridays and most importantly on Good Friday. The devotion consists of focusing on 14 events which form the 14 stations of the cross. Here are some station readings and station ideas.


Easter Resources from mainly ministries

This Easter resource has been created for you to use in your church - for families to enjoy time together, around the table, in the lead up to or over the weekend of Easter.

Easter Videos

Super Cool Easter Resource Websites!
We thought that rather than replicating we'd let you know about the great resources our friends at Strandz have got on their website - www.strandz.org.nz
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IM have a range of resources for Easter, including ideas for families and intergenerational services. See here

Deeper Kidmin is a website where creative people can share the resources they have made. There are lots of Easter ideas, some are free and some are for sale. Have a look here.

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