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Resources for Families

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These online resources give families tools for doing ‘church at home’:

1. Families Together devotional series - Annette Osborne, SUNZ
Annette has written a series of five devotions for families and households. These sessions are designed for all ages, and are simple to use. They don’t require lots of set up or materials, just you and your family. This series is specifically written for families confined to their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Download the series here


2. Ministry Spark by David C Cook have developed resources you can use to help children through their coronavirus worries. They could be used in your live-streams, recordings, or distribute to the families in your ministry for at-home study. Remind kids what God says about casting our cares on Him, because He cares for them so much. Grab these free resources and help kids release their worries to God. Click here

3. 35 Tech Free, Faith Forming, Fun Activities for Families to Do at Home helps families form faith as they talk together, laugh together, and meet challenges together. 

4. LifeWay Kids at Home is designed to help families conduct kids Bible studies at home during seasons when their church must temporarily cancel regular meetings. Each session includes an easy-to-facilitate media-driven experience that features a Bible story video, life application videos, and downloadable activity pages and family discussion guides.
Click here

5. Enjoying God My Creator Activity GuideThis guide was designed to help children enjoy and delight in God their Creator by teaching the way children learn best—through play, activity, and FUN—while still teaching solid biblical truth! The activities in this guide are designed for 3-11-year-olds. Most can be easily adapted for other ages or taught to a multi-age group. Enjoying-God-My-Creator-Activity-Guide

6. Path through the Narrow Gate – craft ideas families could use at home. Click here

7. The Faith Five - Raewyn Moodie has put together a how-to guide for using the Faith 5 with families, flatmates and small groups. Download guide

We also have Faith5 bookmarks that you can print and give to families

8. Deeper Kidmin - Another great website with some free activities and ideas for families:

Click here

9.This resource from D6 Family is a unique cloud-based folder filled with daily discipleship tools for all ages of the family. Contents included daily devotions, fun family questions, articles, and more. And it's free!  Click here

Resources for Churches

These websites have resources that you can use to help families engage with church at a distance and in intergenerational small groups: 

1. Kids church drive thru! - Link here

2. Grow Ministries  - the team at Grow Ministries have put together a Church at Home resource that can be downloaded for free. Click here

3. For those churches that have access to Right Now Media:  Link here

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